Welcome to the land of prefect

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  1. Welcome everyone to the land of perfect, were everyday the US stock indexes are up, inflation is non existent, our currency is strong, our federal reserve officials are caged doves, corporate profits are outstanding. The rich are getting richer the poor are still poor oh well thats their fault right?

    If I left anything out please add to the land of prefect list.
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    Maybe it is true that Americans are the most brainwashed nation on earth. What happened to inflation. It just "dissapeared" overnight.
  3. Yes there is no inflation, demand for energy disappeared to. The fed is going to ease, yet the dollar is rising hum. Oh well it makes for a great backdrop for the republicans.

    Everyting is perfect, except their poll numbers, maybe americans are not as dumb as you think.
  4. prefect spelling too
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    In the land of Perfect ...

    - every trade you enter gets filled at your limit
    - there is no spread
    - you dont need stops because it only goes in the direction you traded in
    - you get in at the bottom and out at the top
    - there is no such thing as a profit/loss statement; in Perfect there are only profits
    - uncle sam has done away with taxation for traders ... and you are the trader
    - as soon as you enter a trade; news comes out in support of your trade; weather its positive or negative ... it will always support what you intended the market to do.

    In the land of Perfect You are the Market ...
  6. if u think the economy is bad u are totally ignorant of the facts.....blacks owning own homes highest by far in history, even when the first "black president" was groping interns in the oval office........interest rates lowest in 40 yrs.........fuel prices back to no problem, and economy was so strong fuel prices not felt as economy kept up blistering pace.....why do u think the stock market is bounding upward...duuhhh........and the no terrorist attacks in 5 yrs.....duuhhh.........bill clinton and wifey in the office again will show you people what they are all about.......bill clinton's term was a time out from history as zilch happened when he was there, but then again, there must have something worth hiding because berger came back and stole secrets taking them out in his clothes, socks, etc.......and was fined 50,000........he is still in trouble...by the way, mr gore's global warming is killing those poor people in the NE as they shovel the record early big snow.........helloooo...u talk about brainwashed......get back to promoting baby killing and gay marriage........quit impersonating emini trader.......:p
  7. i take it back......the dot.com revolution which was already rolling peaked during slick's cigar playing days.......
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    that pretty much sum it up for 1999 :cool:
  9. You left out how the poor here can have 2 cars, 2 or 3 TVs, Nike's, cell phones and laptops.

  10. Yeah I was about to say that...

    The poor here live like nobles in other countries...

    And the difference here is that the poor have all the tools necessary to BECOME THE NOBILITY. Yes, yes, there's nepotism and the whole money begets money etc... but nowhere else on this planet can someone with a set of good ideas and work ethic start from nothing at 20 and retire with millions in the bank at 50.
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