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  1. This website has been taken over by Timmy Sykes and his relentless book spamming.

    Time and again when asked questions, he says "I can't say anything...but it's all revealed in my book".

    Failed traders are Spamming, guys who don't even trade but post 20 times a day (stock_trad3r) are allowed to run rampant because he generates page views and post counts.

    Elite Trader has sold out.
  2. Kutty


    whats your excuse douche?
  3. Another pikers alias.
  4. It is unfortunate what this forum has evolved into.

  5. You're complaining ABOUT post counts????

    Pull your head out of your ass.

    Have a look in the mirror at the 2200+

    We'll (that's you and I) save.............eh....... "failed traders" for another day.
  6. He does have a point regarding stock_trad3r and similar posters. Most threads turn into a childish barrage of insults. Neither constructive or civil...
  7. I average 2 posts a day? You really are stupid aren't you.

    P.S.-- Hows that CFC long working out? I guess losing traders (like you) think that a "small" 50%+ drawdown in a month is no big deal.

    Just what I would expect from an inbred cornhusker. :D
  8. Yes he does have a point, but............. only providing fuel to the flames. "They" thrive on attention. Apparently negative limelight. Only their shrink ( or hairdresser), would grasp the latent need.

    That said, it was Mister LONG horns that initially approached me. Unexpected uninvited and...............unwanted. He and I are buddies.
  9. I would expect chit chat from you, cowboy. Getting it. In fact, more predictable than CFC. Too bad I can't capitialize on it.

    Yep, still have CFC. 8 other open positions, and.........plenty of dry powder. Probably mid-October.

    Why is it, I keep envisoing empty Mountain Dew cans and a cap on backwards?

    Hey, make sure YOU watch Cramer tonight. Hmmm, might get some snipes to fade. With compounding (not to be confused with compost) being the 8th wonder of the world, those dimes add up.
  10. Wrong, you Pearl Harbored me (most likely due to your loneliness from living on a farm or the fact that you have no friends).
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