Welcome to Cyprus. Give us 9.9% of your bank account.

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    Yes, and with our resident dictator "in charge," and claiming there is no spending problem, this will be coming to a theater near you.:(

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    Max E.

    Frankly this has been the only time ive been on the side of those fat lazy greek bastards, whoever came up with this idea is a moron, if you knew that your bank account was going to be taxed for "x" amount of dollars, and "x" was not defined you would take your money out too, thus creating the run.

    This is like nazi germany.
  3. Just for the heck of it this morning I was checking around regarding keeping cash in safety deposit boxes. There are some interesting forums out there. And a whole lot of interest in safety deposit boxes re people buying silver and gold.

    Dang I had an excellent link and seem to have lost it. The author is basically an industry expert and advised banks on compliance regarding when to report activity on customers using safety deposit banks.
  4. I found the link on safety deposit boxes.

    1. Legal Issues: Your current state laws and other safe deposit legal topics.
    2. Liability & Security: Recent safe deposit lawsuits and how to avoid them.
    3. The Fundamentals: The basic daily operations of your safe deposit area.


    Safe Deposit Box Compliance and Legal Issues
    Safe Deposit Box Security & Liability

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    Can you imagine the $$$$$ safe companies are making with the Onazi admin at the wheel?:eek:
    http://www.ftknox.com/ My personal favorite.
  6. It's so ironic, we get a black president and gun and ammo sales go through the roof. Re elect a black president, safe sales go through the roof. Hide your valuables......hang on to your purse.

    just sayin....:D
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    this is mind blowing

    so what about federal deposit insurance when the government can just take some when they want? what's the point of insurance?

    the only question is, when will reid and pelosi propose it?
  8. My aunt died and left about 600 bucks in a bank down in florida. I couldn't get the money out. Well I could if I hired a lawyer for $2500. I figured I'd just wait the 2 years when the unclaimed funds are returned to the state and file a claim then.

    The bank failed and was taken over by some other bank and pfftttt everything disappeared. Dirty dogs...:mad:

    Had one other incident when John Hancock demutualized, grandma died and I never could get the money left over. Again about $600 bucks, maybe 8. It's not impossible to recover the money, it's friggin impossible.
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    If Obama wants your money he don't follow no laws!!!

    Just ask the former GM bond holders.
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