Welcome new Ag traders!

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  1. After seeing about 12 new threads over the past few days it seems like a bunch of you would like to try to be grain traders and grain spreaders.

    After seeing a lot of the threads are noobie questions such as "will I get corn shipped to me if I forget to close the contract on expiration" or the classic "im having trouble executing a corn spread" or who could forget the "which is the best grain spread to trade right now?"

    I just wanted to say that you will all get totally owned in these markets!

    Its obvious none of you know what the hell your talking about and none of you have any grasp on the fundamentals and market mechanics of the agricultural sector.

    Sorry for being an asshole but if you seriously want to try to make a living trading these contracts then I suggest you look somewhere else instead of posting on ET.

    Good Luck! (your going to need it)
  2. Devin Brady

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    You have to start somewhere, and ET can be a good resource for new traders.
  3. wutang


    How about you tell them where they might start on the right path.

  4. And the incentive for doing that would be????????
  5. Shagi


    See the trees in the forest - fasten seat belts & take positions for mega rallies in em grains till Christma. enjoy:D
  6. okay youngtrader...teach us(not being smart, just being real)..but first, your Grain resume please:

    1-how long have you been trading Grains?
    2-what % do you trade Corn, Soybeans or Wheat?
    3-how many contracts per trade?
    4-how many AG trades per day?
    5-mainly daytrading AG's or hold overnight?
    6-what AG spreads do you mostly trade?daytrade spreads or hold for how long?
    7-what % of your time is trading AG's as opposed to other futures (ES, CL etc.)
    8-what in a sentence or two would say is the key thing to keep in mind when trading 1-Corn 2-Wheat 3-Soybeans

    ...we would all sincerely like to learn from you but honestly...this will help us all get a framework of the expert we are learning from...look forward to your insightful reply...

    ...I do know this...anyone reading this thread to learn, will want to hear your answers here...thanks in advance...
  7. +10 ....FRESH MEAT!!!! woohoo!!! :D :D
  8. spd


    just to be a nice guy?

    i agree you would be an idiot to jump in this arena without any knowledge if the fundamentals, but there are some of us who are interested in learning the right way to trade this market.
  9. hello...are you there?...we are waiting to hear...hello?
  10. smalls


    i welcome you to come trade grains. but do your homework.

    1. look for books on grains, buy them. read them. understand them. Grains are hard to find information about but try and find it, there are some gems out there.

    2. understand the product. do you know what you are trading?

    3. People here will help you, but do not ask dumb questions. (have you at least gone though the forum and read all the threads?)

    get in there and trade them. but don't ask people to hold your hand. it will just hinder your abilities to trade any products down the road.
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