Welcome back Def !

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    Originally posted by def
    FYI, i rec'd approval to sponsor one of the forums. thus i'm back and no need to harass mgmt to sponsor here. thanks for all the supportive mails, kind words, etc etc. Just please try not to create new threads for each and every hiccup or question you have regarding IB. thanks and looking forward to posting again.

    Good luck, Def !
  2. tymjr


    Yes, indeed. Welcome back, def!
  3. dozu888


    Def for CEO of IB !! :D

  4. I second that thought! Wow, you were missed, and the demanding crowds brought you back home. It was almost like your silence was held hostage, and the ET audience set your voice free!

    Please follow-up with your picture on Watson's thread, "See what we look like."

  5. Turok


    Now this is worth breaking the Turok vow of silence. Thanks Def!! Smart choice IB management.

  6. Yannis



    I am happy to see Def up and posting again. CEO of IB sounds good.

    Although I had seen your posts before, this was the first time I noticed your quote.

    Interesting. And very relevant to trading.

    I am thinking of it as follows: "Money CAN buy happiness, BUT not in sufficient amounts." :)

    What do you think?
  7. Three hours later and no one has commented on the return of Turok?! I must say I am a little hurt as it is apparent that you have been lurking all along and yet no response to my "Where have you gone Turok" thread from several weeks ago. Oh well I will get over it. Welcome back....though I am sure you will disapper into cyberspace once more.
  8. ddefina


    Welcome back Def and Turok.
  9. Magna

    Magna Administrator


    I thought someone mentioned that he posted a number of times on one thread under his real name John Borton?

  10. GeeTO69


    Wellllllllcome back Def & Turok!!

    Turok, you still playing alfatrade?


    GeeTO69 :-D
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