Weird problem...

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by IanMacQuaide, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. 2 computers, 1 desktop and 1 laptop.
    Exact same trading platform and charts, with the exact same settings on the programs.
    The charts are 23 seconds faster on the desktop. I"m seeing a new bar form on the desktop before it does on the laptop.
    Both computers have the same double AMD processing chip, only appreciable difference is the desktop has 1 more Gig of RAM.
    Both computers are hooked up to the same router in my house.

    Why is this happening, and how can I get my laptop up to speed? More memory?!?
  2. It's likely that your charting software draws bars based on the system clock - and your desktop clock is simply 23 seconds ahead of your laptop clock.
  3. tiddlywinks


    Wireless connections (the laptop perhaps?) are, with very few exceptions, always slower than wired connections.
  4. Now THAT is genius.
    I just noticed the desktop's clock is just a bit faster than my Laptop!
  5. Most trading software will have the potential to "synch to internet clock" (which is synched to the official standards clock at least daily). You might check for that