Weird price action on GC

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    Anyone trading GC contract just now on Interactive brokers? Experienced some pretty weird price action. Just wondering if something happened and if that was legit.
  2. from where are you trading?


    you mean place? Hope i'm not just making my own questions up now. But if you're asking about country and place, I'm in Vancouver BC Canada.
  4. yes.i meant to say what time period you considered as a 'wierd proce action'.i traded today during Asian session.price range is something about $10-$ it wierd or not?i don`t know.there were more wierdeo times.i remember not long ago price droped $12 within 5 seconds.


    Ahh yeah, neglected to mention time and price. I was referring to an extraordinary large one minute candle on the gc that printed tween 1.47- 48 am eastern. printed low at 1737 about to 1782 in a few seconds. Called in to verify and someone confirmed the data. I was long and was just like jaw dropped .... and the spread widened to 20 - 30 points. just curious to see if anyone else saw it or i need to see someone.
  6. :eek: :eek: :eek:

    $45 within few seconds???you need to go to sleep,i guess.


    37 was almost exact today`s low!

    no i was monitoring during the time you`ve,nothing like that.
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    Hi all,

    I'm new to trading gold futures and just a quick question on the GC futures contracts on the 26th.

    Shortly after Bernankes speech, dow jones fell more than 200 points before making a quick recovery and turning green.
    From my short time in observing gold price, when the market is strengthening, there is usually a sell off in gold.

    So why then, when the dow jones finished 134 points higher, gold also climed up and finished $50 higher for the day?