Weird monitor gaussing...

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by bungrider, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. anyone ever had this happen-

    your computer randomly restarts, then when it boots up, your monitor is all screwy?? you "degauss" your monitor from it's little control panel, and everything is fine again??

    i always wondered what that "degauss" thing was i know.
  2. How old is your monitor? It may be time for that flat panel display you've been wishing for....
  3. I had this conversation (over the phone, no less) the other day:

    Friend: "My monitor is blueish in the corner, and has a green spot in the middle."

    Me: "Take the speaker away from the monitor."

    Friend: "There are no speakers near the monitor."

    Me: "Take the speaker away from the monitor."

    Friend: "I swear, the speakers are 5 ft away...."

    Me: "Okay, then, what is next to your monitor?"

    Friend: "My subwoofer... OOOOOhhhhhhh. Thanks."
  4. :D I wish...but the prices are falling so fast that I don't mind waiting!!!

    You totally called that one! Ha! Every week I pull out the best buy and compUSA fliers to look...hehe - I wish I could short 'em!!

    The monitor that went nuts on me this AM isn't that old - it's about one year. It's a 17" "Samtron" that I got at best buy for $90 after rebate, so it's definitely served me well.

    But what I can't figure out is how it made the computer restart?? I don't have any speakers within 3 feet...very strange stuff...
  5. maybe it's your video card that's f*cked.