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  1. I've been getting this message several times a day lately...

    "Another session with the same user name already exists connected from IP Click Ok to login & disconnect the other session. Click cancel to terminate this session.

    This happens on two computers running the latest TWS. It doesn't look like a security problem but it's heck of annoying since each time it happens all data disappears for about 30 seconds and this has probably been happening 6-7 times a day for the last 3 days!

    Anybody else having the same issue?
  2. same happens when tws disconnects for a few seconds. the ip address is yours, tws thinks u have booted twice....annoying...charts have to be refreshed one by one to get them going again.
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    This has been happening to me for the past week or so as well.

    I created a Trouble Ticket in IB's system this morning. I haven't heard back yet.

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one.
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    It happened to me as well, yesterday. I'm running TWS on single computer at a time. I hope they fix it soon :confused:
  5. Happening here as well. Glad to hear my account hasn't been hacked -- yet. ;(
  6. it's just hackers messing with your acnt.

    maybe they'll buy you into some penny crap that moves up big! :D
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    The message will go away today. The issue is a timing issue wherein our security gateway doesnt properly differentiate between a re-connect and a new connect.

    It is part of a security system enhancement. If you see the IP as coming from somewhere other than your own (and this means the internet IP not a LAN IP), you should do the following ASAP:
    1) make sure you didnt just leave the TWS running at your office or other location. When there are 2 instances running, we cannot differentiate between legitimate 2nd accesses and hack attempts
    2) if (1) is 'no', then call Customer Service immediately and ask for the security team.

    The internet is a dangerous place. Anyone concerned with security should Google 'pump and dump' to see how widespread the problem is becoming.

    We are trying to stay ahead of the curve and have released (and will continue to release) new security services. But our role is merely that of a policeman. We look around for suspicious activity, but we cannot see everything.

    The best security comes from having your own technology up to the task. The best solution is IB's Security Device ( If you want to truly protect your account, you should call up IB customer service and choose the technical assistance menu (or write to Request to participate in the Secure Transaction Program. You will receive an electronic device which will ensure your account can never be accessed by anyone other than you.

    We STRONGLY advise all IB clients with more than 25'000 USD or equivalent in their account to subscribe to this security system. If you subscibe now, you will get in ahead of the pack. We will soon require all accounts to have one of these types of systems and if you wait until the general deployment, and then have some kind of problem, you may find yourself in a long line.

    Security is by its nature, inconvenient. If the front door to your house has no locks, then going in and out is easy, for you and bad guys. If you have 5 locks, your house is pretty secure but going in and out is inconvenient. But a little inconvenience is the best way to protect your assets.
  8. Thanks once again, IBJ, for your quick and thoughtful reply.

    We IB users REALLY appreciate you IB guys checking this board and answering questions! :)

    FWIW I have been using the "secure transaction" (STP) device for a few years. For those that don't know, it is simply a credit card sized device with a small LCD screen and keypad (it is not attached to your computer). When you want to make account changes (withdraw, etc.) you must enter a PIN into it and then enter a code that IB supplies from the web. Then you type the "response code" the device gives you back into your account screen.

    So two things must happen to withdraw money:

    - The STP codes must match

    - You must enter the "token" code that was just sent to your email of record (same as always)

    Yeah, a little bit of a hassle. But much better than getting your account raided.

    Good trading to all. :cool:
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    Thanks for posting. I'm glad to see IB is on top of it and I shouldn't see the message anymore.

    I've been using the security device for about a month now. I find it very useful. There are so many layers to IB's security I find it reassuring to know my money is protected about as well as it can be. Someone would have to know my username and password to my IB account, then have access to my security device and its PIN, and finally have access to my E-mail to obtain the security token. That's quite a bit of security without becoming inconvenient.

    I also use a security device for PayPal as well now because of using IB's security device.
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