Weird graph of a strategy I just came up w/

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Sky123987, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. When this strategy's hot, it's hot, when it's not, it's not
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  3. here it is
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  4. Weird indeed, but in a good way seemingly. No drawdown to speak of.
  5. Why weird? It is either due to pure chance alone, or it works reasonably well within the market conditions exhibited within the central region - whilst not getting you face ripped off in the other regions. Of course I am assuming you have accounted for transaction costs, etc.

    So what is so special about the central region of this market? High vol, low vol, chop, trending, etc...?
  6. what's the strategy?
  7. Is that 6000 trades, 6000 days, 6000 5 minute periods or what exactly ?
  8. kxvid


    Must be the holy grail. Its discovered 5x a week here at ET.
  9. That's a pretty bullish chart pattern...
  10. its called "buy and hold" for the next 4 years :D
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