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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Toonces, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. Toonces


    Is it possible to have an internet connection that works for certain applications on your computer, but not for others? For example, today I've been having intermittent problems with TWS, as well as my news program. I haven't had any problems accessing the internet through a browser. My charts and data seem to be running fine, although I did have to to re-login once. I've noticed this in the past, where my news program would be running fine, but I couldn't get internet access any other way. I tried running TWS on a second computer today (with a different ISP) without any problems.

    I've always assumed that either you're getting data or you're not, but this doesn't match my experience.
  2. Atlantic


    had the same problem last year - lost connection on tws - switched to my 2nd isp - connection (tws) fine - switched back - again no connection. still do not know why something like this can happen - but at least i know what to do if it should happen again.
  3. CalTrader

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    It could be a whole host of issues including any or all of the following:

    ---Problem with the ISP network - before the public internet.
    ---Problem with the route to your service providers over the public internet
    ---Problem with your java runtime
    --Your ISP turning off protocols in its routers or router filters - typically they wont tell you about this and you will have to prove they did it.
    --- Problem with your service providers feeds
    --- problem with your network card(s) or routers
    --- Virus issues
  4. i had a problem with name servers.... dns addresses

    it was with sbc...

    works fine now
  5. prox


    Are you using Bracket Trader or a similar front end ?
  6. Atlantic


    i forgot to mention that back then - internet access worked fine with both isp's - only tws didn't.
  7. maxpi


    IB has some instructions on their site somewhere on how to test your connection to their servers. If the packet losses are too great they seem to disconnect you or disallow trading or something. Mine always reconnects automatically.

  8. mokwit


    Sorry no answers only same problem. The company providing the app said once that it was because the ISP/telco would not guarantee bandwidth - they later said I was the only one complaining of the problem. I am in Thailand and all 3 apps I run cut out once in a while at different times throughout the trading day- difficult to tell if its something to do with the ISP stack App interface in my computer or out there somewhere on the internet. Search for on tucows or similar may shed some insight - I have not used it yet so cannot be sure. Let me know how you get on/answers