Weird business ideas that worked

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  1. just curious if anyone know anyone who came up with a strange business idea that really worked. Just curious
  2. Selling things that used to be free for profit - water, air, etc...
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    not really all that weird but a friend started a chain of smoothie stands...he now works almost an hour a day and makes what seems to be high six figures, if not seven.

    Its kind of risky...they either work or dont, and each store seems to cost $100-200k.
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    This one (which I have nothing to do with, and don't know anyone who has anything to do with it) most certainly has the most stupid client.
  5. the Snuggie and SHam WOW
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    let me tell ya..the friggin comfie
  7. Pet Rocks:p
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  9. Any website that you have to scroll that far to the bottom are ALWAYS scams. It never fails.
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