Weiners weiner is apparently out.

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    Ticks me off! Looks like he's got me beat in the "meathook" department!:mad: :D
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    Max E.

    If Breitbart released this he is an ass for pretending to take the high road and saying he wouldnt release it because he didnt want to hurt weiners family, and then releasing it two days later.

    I suspect that it was one of the chicks that released it though because they probably got paid big bucks for it, like i said yesterday....

    Either way there was no way this photo was going to stay a secret.

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    Weiner keeps saying that he has "taken responsibility" for his actions and will stay in office.

    Most Democrats don't understand that just admitting you did it isn't all there is to "taking responsibility". Taking responsibility means accepting the consequences of your actions. So get the hell out of the House of Representatives you S.O.B.! That is "taking responsibility"!
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    Well it wasn't Breitbart who actually "exposed" Weiner, it was the clowns at O&A who posted it. WTF Breitbart was doing on O&A is anybody's guess.
  5. Anthony Weiner's wife Huma Abedin reportedly pregnant
  6. Why should he quit, he didn't break any laws did he, of course not. He didn't screw around. From what I can tell he just embarrassed himself and lied but if you want all the liars to get the hell out then we wouldn't have any politicians anywhere.
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    Rep Chris Lee.
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    I guess I'm just not curious enough, but I have no need to see some other guys penis. If it's bigger good for him.lol What I do wonder about is if this guy is just completely unsure of himself? The news pictures simply show a barechested guy flexing a wimpy chest. Does the guy shave or wax his chest? Hey, I get it if you are a swimmer or bodybuilder, but the average guy shaving his chest makes me think he probably isn't sure if he is into women or guys.
    To each his own I guess. I don't get into the idea of guys shaving their bodies, it just seems like a feminine concept, but hey, go for it if you have think you need to.
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