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  1. Sometimes politics seems to me to be the greatest form of entertainment ever invented.

    We now have Weinergate, and relax guys, it's a Democrat this time.

    Seems Rep. Anthony Weiner D-NY) or someone who hacked his Twitter account sent a pic of a weiner to some chick named Gennette Nicole Cordova, a college student in Washington state.

    Conseravitve bloggers picked up on it and made a big deal of it.

    Well, the chick denies knowing Weiner nor does she know what his weiner looks like.

    CNN interviews Weiner and asks if the weiner in question is Weiner's weiner.

    In response, Weiner makes some rambling prepared statement about tossing pies and some CNN dude keeps interrupting asking if the weiner is Weiner's weiner. Weiner calls the CNN dude a "jackass", thus making the only accurate statement in Weinergate.


    Does this qualify as the post with "weiner" mentioned the most times?

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  3. Weiner doesn't seem to want to answer the question which is, is that a pic of your junk? Let's just say for the sake of argument that his account was hacked and he did not send the pic to the woman in question. It still leaves the pesky question of why does he have a pic of his dick on file? Just askin?:eek:
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    You only need to observe the arrogance that flows from his mouth every time he opens it to answer your question. If the charges are true, he should wear it as a badge of honor rather than fear repercussions. He is, after all, a Democrat.