Weiner wants back in

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  1. Apparently the bum can't find a job other than feeding at the government trough.

    One year after resigning from Congress following news he had emailed lewd photos of himself to women, married former Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner desires a return to politics, according to New York news outlets.

    "The disgraced former congressman—who's sitting on a $4.5 million campaign war chest—is mulling a bid for citywide office next year and 'seriously considering' a mayoral run," sources told the New York Post. The newspaper reported that Weiner has spoken with former staffers about returning to work for him.

    "He wants to return to politics, according to friends and former staff members," The New York Times reported, adding that if Weiner doesn't spend his campaign cash next year, he will lose an opportunity to get matching funds.
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    $9 million should be sufficient to buy a lesser office.
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    Tsing Tao

    Yeah, with a 4.5MM campaign fund, it's kind of hard to walk away.
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    That's surprising.

    He has friends? Who would have known.