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    Trading an account for profit is just like trying to put on weight. The key? Take in calories as much as possible and avoid to burn any. Avoid exercise. Do not move. The less move we make the less calories we waste and more weight to accumulate.

    100% up room to go.

  2. That's not my case. I have been doing intense Bodybuilding
    for 3 years from age 20 to 23. I gained from solid 125 LBS
    to 175 LBS. I am M/32/5'6" only.

    What the point? Ok, I want to say it all has to do with genetic.

    If you are naturaly skiny person, and you trade, you become
    more skiny, because the only way for you to increase weight
    is to gain muscle, and so have to be more active and trading
    make you lose weight. I am 150 LBS as today, and was 165
    LBS as before i become part of daytrading world.

    Just reverse for traders who are geneticly been overweight
    always. I am 100% sure of this, just check with your nearest
    Gold Gym/ World Gym,..
  3. you want to gain weight? assuming muscle, go to a gym and eat about 3500+ calories/day, of which ~1200 are protein (300g). there's more to it than that, but you get the idea....
  4. Alright...quick question here....are we talking literally or figuratively? Are we talking about putting on body fat/muscle or money?

    Very confused.

    OK, screw this...the fact that I'm trying to keep my eyes open just so that I can 'hang out' on ET is quite pathetic.

    OK, off to bed.....sweet dreams...;-)
  5. speaking of protein, I JUST POUNDED 58 GRAMS :D
  6. the thing about fat is you don't want to put it on but take it off.

    why do you want to get fat?

    get lean.

    Vegan diet best for fat loss and remember to keep fats <10% of cals.

    get absolutely ripped on vegan diet and protect your health.

    and don't listen to a moron who calls himself "Axe'.. that guy is looney tunes if you get my drift.