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  2. while this "may" sound a little excessive - I strongly believe in Hooters' decisions.

    Besides the obvious right to run a business, think of it this way. You start letting these off the hook, then more get fat, then more get fat, then they start hiring older, uglier, then men...
    its gonna turn into stewardesses, ahem, flight attendants.




  3. banjo whats the point??????????

    i swear to god your clueless?????
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    Hooters in Atlantic city has full on preggos workin there. At least they did when I went like a year ago. I'm not even embellishing. One chick who could barely speak english was my server. She wasn't a few months pregnant she was full on, belly button popped 9 months. I asked her and she told me she could have labor at any time. Her gut was jutting out of the uniform. It was freakin knarley. I have nothing against someone being pregnant, but in short shorts and a small tee shirt serving me food, and supposed to be hot? Never going back. Very hard to eat, and .... kinda not what I was looking for.. Hooters sucks.
  5. good for them, they have a right to demand their employees conform to a certain standard when that standard is required to maintain the company's branding and image.

    only the fatasses are coming to her defense. 5'8" 132 is overweight. she should be 120. chances are she was 120 when she was hired and then gained weight. that's no different than, say, a data entry person that was hired who could type 100 wpm and for whatever reason, could only do 60 wpm after a year.