Wegovy, a new obesity drug is coming out

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    My friend was on Ozempic and he definitely lost some weight on it, but as soon as he stopped it due to the price going parabolic, the weight came back on instantly. The problem that I see with drugs of this type is that they are manipulating your leptin and insulin levels and they make you feel like you know what the hell you are doing diet-wise, but you really don't. So in the case of my friend, he kept eating pasta, bread, sugar, dairy, and everything else but he lost weight in the process so he thought he was a diet genius until the day came when he couldn't stay on the Ozempic any longer.
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  3. So typically American. Take a pill and it's all fixed. Insurance should not cover a dime.
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    Kill the carbs and eat small meals throughout the day
  5. Hey! Those are my friends you're talking about.
  6. Similarly, I find that Youtube and other websites dedicated to health and fitness are replete with gurus on PEDs telling others how to live their lives. Geniuses all.
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  7. This is how crestor and lipitor are sold to the millions... take the pill and lower your cholesterol and keep eating the shit you were eating.... God forbid they simply recommend diet and exercise first before prescribing a debilitating drug.
  8. I’m not sure that’s how they advertise it, but I know a couple of people who do exactly that.
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    I'm gonna tell you a little story. I am 60 and recently had my blood pressure checked. Horrendous.. 178/90. I blame myself because I just don't go for checkups. I knew my cholesterol was probably just as bad, not because I eat garbage, it's just an inherent thing in my family. So, I started with the simple things...reduce salt (which I don't abuse), eliminated ibuprofen ( which I do abuse), reduced my caloric intake, and stopped drinking (which I also abused). No coffee for 3 weeks which was hard but getting easier. I also ate a bowl of Cheerios (don't laugh) and a banana every day for brunch because of their claims to prevent heart disease and lower cholesterol. Well in three weeks my BP was down to 138/86 which is actually right where it belongs for a man my age. I was astounded. I simply wanted to avoid taking any kind of prescribed medication which I have never been on in my entire life.

  10. Correct....it is more how the people perceive the pills...