weeky profit traget for the S&P E-mini

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    What is a realistic weekly profit target (points per contract) for the S&P Emini?
  2. Its really pointless to speculate about this. What difference does it make? If you can take 1 pt a week consistently you will be well on your way.
  3. Can't argue with this. Doing 10+ pts a week gives you a somewhat bigger push though!
  4. You have to walk before you can run.:)
  5. If your not a profitable trader...you shouldn't have weekly, daily nor any other profit target goals.

    Your goal should only be developing and following a trading plan.

    However, if you are a profitable trader...at the minimum...your profit target goals should be one that allows you to make enough money to at least be able to manage your personal/family life.

    Thus, each profitable trader should have different profit target goals simply because they have different personal lifestlyes.

    Simply, don't worry about what the other guy/gal is doing unless you know the details about their personal lifestyle, trading style and type of strategy being used.


  6. BigChips wrote:

    What is a realistic weekly profit target (points per contract) for the S&P Emini?

    Perhaps a day by day look would be a better start.
    Check out the minimum and maximum daily ranges
    for the last 10 days. (Keep doing this as time passes.)

    Stephen Szpak
  7. The answer to your question depends on how you trade and what kind of risk management and trade management approaches that you use...
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    Have you ever heard of negative numbers?

  9. Lower your expectations. It's easier to make a point in NQ than it is in ES. Trade that.
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    My goal is average >1tick/contract a day.
    This makes - say one and a half point/contract weekly.
    Yesterday i made a new ES record with 1200 RTs and 18175 usd.
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