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  1. davidp13


    Good day. I'm looking to convert MT4 code into AFL, but finding it difficult.

    Can anyone help? Code is below:

    int _weekNumber (int nShift = 0)
    datetime date = Time[nShift];
    datetime date1 = Time[nShift+1];
    int value1 = 0;
    if (
    (TimeMonth (date) == TimeMonth(date1) )
    and ( (TimeDayOfWeek (date) == 1)
    or (TimeDayOfWeek(date1) == 5) )
    value1 = value1 + 1;
    if (TimeMonth (date) != TimeMonth(date1) )
    value1 = 1;
    return value1;

  2. jharmon


    code is flawed since it assumes a Monday or a Friday. Ever heard of holidays?
  3. davidp13


    OK thanks, but do you know how to code AFL to find the week of the month? Thanks
  4. jharmon


    You could create a simple indicator that creates a "week" counter since the start of the data, by looking when the weekday number for today is less than yesterday (indicating a week has ended) and incrementing the counter.

    function WeekCount()
      return Cum( DayOfWeek()<=Ref(DayOfWeek(),-1) );
    Plot( WeekCount(), _DEFAULT_NAME(), ParamColor("Color", ColorCycle ) );
    Note that this will not work on markets that have holidays/trading breaks) over 1 week long but that's pretty much unheard of the western world (Sep 11 halted trading for a week, so this formula works for that). If your market has more than 1 week you'd need to use something like DateTimeDiff for ultimate accuracy.
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  5. jharmon


    For what reason do you need to know the week of the month? Seems like a strange esoteric curve-fitted thing to want.