Weekly Vix being squeezed

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    This will be resolved one way or the other. Weekly Vix with Daily MACD, and Weekly MACD in the lower window.
  2. Since March, the volatility has gotten CRUSHED and just because we are down below 20 in the VIX doesn't necessarily mean that the market will sell-off dramatically anytime soon.

    Remember, we might just be heading for more "historical" parameters in the VIX and this is what is throwing-off "new kids on the block" who have been used to the Jan. 2000 - March 2003 End of Bubble volatility.

    This is the $64,000 question:

    Are we over the Storm, or is the Eye of the Hurricane simply passing by . . .
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    Would you answer a question about hypersnap-DX?

    I saw that your graph was captured by Hypersnap, so I downloaded a trial version and saved your chart.

    Unfortunately when I opened the chart back up after saving it, the Snap program header called Paint still is in the background after I unchecked all of the other view boxes in Hypersnap.

    I just wanted to see the graph and not the paint box.

    Any suggestions?
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    The only feature I ever use is capture, then region, the I just save it. I know the program has many more features, I just never use them.
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    95 and 97 showing compressed periods
  6. Why does it have to be "resolved"?

    If you go back to 1988, after the crash, the VIX settled down and stayed "low" and tight for a year. 1990 brought greater volatility to the index. But from 1991 all the way until 1994 (a down year on the S&P, I think, and a year of Interest hikes) again settled into a low and tight range, except for some spiking October 1992

    Historically, the VIX can continue uneventfully for quite a while.