weekly turkey otions expire Thursday, or Friday?

Discussion in 'Options' started by marcoPolo21, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Yahoo says the current Weekly options expire at close Thursday [Thanksgiving]

    is this correct?

    all along I was assuming Friday, since the market is closed Thursday,
    but...I'm probably wrong

  2. Last day to trade the weeklies is Friday.
  3. uptickk


    So watch out for AM settled weeklies everyone.
  4. that's what I assumed

    what does Expire [on Thursday] mean then?

  5. Crispy


    Expire is another word for they cut the damn head off the body and de-feather that mofo.


  6. I think it's a typo that Yahoo has never fixed.
  7. LEAPup


    Lol! Agreed!

    Btw, I'm in a panic at the moment. I took a 22.9lb turkey (that I'M IN CHARGE OF COOKING while the rest of the family takes care of the rest), out of the freezer Sunday afternoon, and put it in the fridge. After checking it earlier, it's still like a semi-block of ice!:eek:

    I'm in emergency turkey mode right now, and that's MUCH worse than any emotion I feel when I'm trading... Help!:eek: :(
  8. Crispy


    I am the chef in my house...im a pro...TRUSTME!!! lol

    Take it out the fridge overnight. That suckers not going to go bad by tomorrow.

    And you want it room tempature when you plop her in the oven anyways.

    We got a bird on Monday that was slaughtered on Sunday. Frozen shmozen... ;-)
  9. spindr0


    It could be worse... you could be the turkey.

    In a pinch, you can put the turkey in a sink filled with COOL water and it will defrost a lot faster. Do that only right before cooking. They say that this isn't the safest way to defrost but I've survived a coupla decades of doing it when faced with a time deadline that I screwed up :)
  10. LEAPup


    Thanks bro! Believe it or not, I have it sitting on the back deck. It's 46 degrees here, so I hope that allows it to thaw the rest of the way overnight. If not...:eek:

    And I'm an Italian too. I should have known better.:( :D
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