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    eSignal post a new trading education article each week. To read more on this topic or the many other topics listed, please visit www.eSignal.com (Weekly Trading Education Articles)

    Dealing with Stress for Trading Success
    By Mike McMahon, Director of Education, Online Trading Academy
    Posted: April 11, 2008
    As an instructor at Online Trading Academy, I obviously have a lot of students who "check in" with me from time to time. One recent note from a student was filled with all his recent triumphs and many of his recent defeats, but what prompted me to write back immediately was his last comment, "Mike, I am just getting tired faster and faster. I was able to handle the classes and do the research and maintain the trades, but I feel like I am fading out."..

    04/04/2008 We Practice like We Play
    By Ed Ponsi, a globally recognized lecturer and teacher and the former chief trading instructor for Forex Capital Markets

    03/28/2008 Always a Student
    By Fernando Gonzalez, one of the original founding members of Online Trading Academy

    03/21/2008 A Beautiful Equation
    By Stan Freifeld, an experienced options trader, well versed in risk management, as well as a trading educator

    03/14/2008 Why Trade Futures?
    By Sam Seiden, an experienced equities and futures trader, as well as a trading educator

    03/07/2008 How to Trade with Linear Regression Channels
    By Richard L. Muehlberg

    02/29/2008 Staying on the Sidelines during a Correction
    By Anthony Trongone, Ph.D., CFP, CTA

    02/22/2008 What Are the Advantages of Limit, Market and Stop Loss Orders?
    By Richard L. Muehlberg

    02/15/2008 What Is the Goal of Trading?
    By Richard L. Muehlberg

    02/08/2008 Before the Trade: The Sentiment Cycle
    By Teresa Lo, founder of PowerSwings.com

    02/01/2008 Pre-Open Preparation for Dax Trading
    By Dr. Mircea Dologa, MD, CTA

    01/25/2008 Is the Advice to Keep a Trading Diary Good or Bad?
    By Richard L. Muehlberg