Weekly SPY Bullish Reversal Pattern

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Roman Candle, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Inverse Head & Shoulder in the making, sure wish we were in late October.
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  2. I will cost average into a position under the neckline. I know I should wait but my feelings are bullish with the election in 2010 the dems will paint a pretty picture.
  3. Port, how many aliases do you have on ET these days?

    You really need some professional help.
  4. thelost


    looks like a good heads and shoulders pattern except the right shoulder is a little shallow.

    i'm kind of wary of heads and shoulders though, after the neckline of the bearish h&s in dia and spy daily timeframe was tested and broken yesterday on intc earnings.

    are weekly timeframe h&s supposed to be more reliable?

    i wish there was a way to backtest heads and shoulders patterns... there probably is but i'm not intelligent enough to code it...