Weekly SPX options and MiniSPX

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  1. Wonder if the CBOE will have two sets of options trading during expiration week: the monthly options that have one week left, and these new weekly options (the way that LEAPS change their symbols as they are closer--months away--from expiration).
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    No, they won't be any weeklys in expiration week. The first link clearly states that:

    "...except that no Weeklys will be listed that would expire on the third Friday of each month (expiration week for standard options)."
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    When is the SPAN margining coming for these? You are better off looking at the Emini sp options as they are SPAN margined.
  4. Only a concern if writing naked. Obviously there aren't any weekly ES options.
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    You think these Mini Spx options will be popular? What are they 1/10th instead of 100 a point. I think they have nasdaq mini options like that.
  6. How do you options guys think the Greeks will be affected with such a short lifespan?
  7. No, I don't think they'll take off. $10 per index handle, ugh. The Nasdaq minis aren't doing well.
  8. Delta, gamma/theta. There is very little vega in a weekly options. It's almost a pure play on gamma.
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    The Greeks won't be affected, the weeklys will have the same Greeks that "normal" options have in the expiration week. It will be just like expiration week is taking place every week.
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