Weekly Poll: Entering September - The Weakest Month For Stocks

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SPY Next Week?

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  1. Bullish

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  2. Flat

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  3. Bearish

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  4. I prefer to keep my opinion to myself

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  1. Bullish.
    Last few days of the last month, first few days of the next month are normally bullish. On top of that, we're coming up on a holiday weekend, which is also crazy bullish.
    Short at your own risk.
    Cited article points out that all of Sept's underperformance occurs at the end, so it's not even mildly relevant yet.
  2. on the one hand, first 10 days in Sep are weak. on the other hand, Labor day Long effect is one of the best. putting it all together we should expect a decent run-up into the coming weekend followed (and/or preceded) by a decent sell-off to even things out, if history is any guide of course.

  3. The origin of the answer is in Japan... The Yen.
  4. ***what i wrote above was wrong.

    the reason one wants to go Long into Labor Day is because historically stocks get temporarily oversold prior to the long weekend. in addition first 10 days in Sep are weak. therefore, the history indicates that we may dump somewhat before the long weekend and may go up AFTER September 6th.
  5. With the Iraq war over I'm very bullish. I will be trading the weekly QQQQ calls very aggressively till Jan 2011.

  6. KMAX


    Current record: 3-3

    I'm ridin' with the Bears again this week, too many "Beer Fleggs"
    The Stock Traders Almanac (STA) agrees with what Shortie has posted about Labor Day. STA says that there is bullishness the day before and two days after the holiday. On their chart of the days of the month of September we have the first day up(no surprise, it's the first day of month) followed by the next 3 down.
    That would bring us up to Thursday which may be a good day to go long until the next Wednesday.
    This Wednesday is the ISM number. :(
    BUT, Friday is the jobs number which could create an early day selloff to go long on. Friday should be a light volume day with few traders working.
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    bullish baby
    call me crazy
    squeeze til 109
    would be just fine
    sit back and drink some wine
    as i hear all the bears whine
    they say we double dippin like tostitos in the kitchen
    i say the market is just restin, maybe testin,
    some recent lows there will be some serious blows
    how high we go who knows, but as for how low; thats 104. the case is closed.

    jonp greatest rapper alive, out!
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