Weekly Poll: Dow Up 8 Weeks in a Row. Implications for the market?

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SPY Next Week?

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  1. Bullish

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  2. Flat

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  3. Bearish

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  4. I prefer to keep my opinion to myself or don't have one

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  1. SPY and Qs had their red week but DOW is still going strong. In fact DOW is up 8 weeks in a row (i am looking at DIA close-to-close on weekly). We are in the middle of the earnings season. Can the companies keep surprising to the upside to push the market up? or could we dump huge just like in Jan 2010 and Apr 2010 when the decent started around this time 1-2 weeks into the earnings season?
  2. i notice that IWM and QQQQ approach short-term oversold levels similar to Nov 2010 (a good chance for a 1-2 day bounce?). GLD looks like crap (pardon my French ):)

    if Qs, IWM, GLD were leading this major rally since Aug 2010, does it mean it is over for the bulls now that these sectors getting whacked the most?

  3. I'm starting to wonder if you and a few others are paid by the site to stir up controversy posting constant bs. If we were to line up your posts for a year and jumble them up it wouldn't matter because you post the same ideas regardless of what changes in the business world.

    Please, please tell me you are a complete joker and not the least bit serious.
  4. look who is stuck long going into a major selloff
  5. that was an excellent call. with the exception of huge volatility you got everything spot on. also the volatility did spike just not huge.
  6. Short term, I think the Russell and gold will be OK. Both have worked off their previous froth, although gold more so than the Russell.
    Don't know about the big caps though. Problem is, if the big caps go, so too will the Russell, usually. Best case it'll be flat while they work off the froth.
    But for the coming week, even the big caps look OK. So, bullish for the next week.
  7. I gave you a list of stocks a little while ago. How much have they sold off since then ? And where are they going next week ?

    Nevermind. I give up.

    The only conclusion I can come to is EliteTrader has been taken over by jokers and serious traders should drop out ( if they haven't already ). We've already seen FlyDown argueing with a sponsor after his latest "victory" calling a major correction.

    You must be making serious big money shorting the market since September. I'm sure you'll continue to do so the rest of the year.
    I can't compete with your success, and the ideas I come up with while trading full time professionally can't possibly be of any value to anyone.

    Fk it I'm done with this place for good.
  8. thanks for the laugh! :D :D :D

    if you were to "leave" it would be just to come back with another alias. :cool:
  9. What, anyone not sharing your opinions is not a serious trader?
    Good riddance, jackass! [​IMG]
  10. Nine_Ender is just a nervous Long. I see many Nine_Enders in thestreet.com poll.

    thestreet.com poll is still bullish but nothing like 68% just last week. this may indicate that the coming selloff will be limited (or happened already)

    Bullish 44.29% 163 votes
    Bearish 37.22% 137 votes
    Neutral 18.47% 68 votes
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