Weekly Poll: Are Korean Nuisance and Wkileaks Priced in?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by shortie, Nov 26, 2010.

SPY Next Week?

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  2. Flat

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  4. I prefer to keep my opinion to myself or don't have one

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  1. the market is ignoring the bad news. maybe the news is just not that bad, i am not sure.

    remember: vote early and vote often!

    Al "Shortie" Capone Out :cool:
  2. Well, I hope the Korean situation is just a nuisance. Right now, it's unusually uncertain. [​IMG]
  3. pspr


    North Korea is active blustering to get the military to accept Kim's son as the leader. But....they may go too far and start a war. Best thing that could happen for the N. Korean people but I'd bet China would get involved and then there's danger of something serious starting.
  4. shortie - use protection. Yen puts, EWY puts, VIX calls, you have lots of options for your risk control.
  5. The markets aren't ignoring the bad news: they were down last week, overall.
    Sentiment seems a bit too bullish given the news backdrop, though.
    But I figure Ireland will be solved, and something will be done to reassure everyone over the other countries. N Korea will go quiet again, having made sure everyone is still paying attention to it, which is really all it wants, the pathetic thing.
    So, I voted bullish because it's an end of month/beginning of month week, which will mean net inflows, and by the end of the week we'll have unemployment numbers, and those look like they'll be improving given the drops in jobless claims we've had the past couple of weeks. So, up overall next week.
  6. i bet N. Korean Dude will go nuts when as many as 10 thousand documents published by Wikileaks all state that he is a total arseshole. I hope all the people from the nearby island are evacuated by now. the island is toast.
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  8. Yes it is priced in (in more than one way). Mankind is on a steadfast path to destruction.

    Not one man knows when it will be the end (or the beginning☺).

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  10. I agree.
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