Weekly Options vs. Monthly Options?

Discussion in 'Options' started by JeffUSA, Aug 10, 2010.

Do you have a preference for Options?

  1. Weekly Options

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  2. Monthly Options

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  3. No Preference

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  1. JeffUSA


    Which is your opinion on Weekly Options vs. Monthly Options?

    I'm starting to think that weekly options may be better for intraday trades or short swing trades. There's a lot less premium involved with them.
  2. It depends on whether you want to trade gamma or vega.
  3. is there anybody who trade weekly options permanent?
    What are the best opportunities on a market to play with weeklys options when profit/loss is about 300+/100% ?

  4. ES and OEX weeklies. Time intensive.
  5. there is no weeklies on ES in Thinkorswim ...

    may be you could show a couple of your trades with OEX, or may be could suggest some of practical details?

    thank you
  6. Buying QQQQ calls or puts.

  7. thanks everybody.

    For ex. i want to buy Weeklies USO calls today before market closed.
    What strikes are better, which values are good of Impl. Vol.; Theta, Gamma, (AND / OR other important parameters)?

  8. One strike OTM or ATM.
  9. 10x, ForexForex. But more detailed if it's possible :)
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