Weekly options on ag futures

Discussion in 'Options' started by Maverick74, May 5, 2011.

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    Wow, not a single response to this news? Really?
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    Okay, I'm excited. I hope the spreads are reasonable around reports.
  4. 1) When will "daily" options be listed? :confused:
    2) Are pork bellies included in those monthlies? :p
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    Obviously a lot of guys on this forum are not that familiar with ag options so let me chime in here. For option spreaders, grains are a pain in the ass because it's very difficult to trade calendar spreads because in some cases you are trading two different crops or at least two different deliveries.

    With the weekly options you can actually spread contracts not only on the same crop, but the same month. This removes a lot of the risk spreaders typically have with grain options. It also gives you really cheap ways to make directional bets on grains without worrying about limit markets.

    I think they will be very active and liquid.
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    Thanks a bunch Mav.

    Learned something useful. Seems like a one in a billion post these days.