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Discussion in 'Options' started by met1989, Mar 12, 2019.

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    are there any trades stragties that don't require to sit in front of a screen all day and are done after a week or a month ?
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    Long/Short equity pairs.
    Option spreads.
    Directional trades.
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    @Robert Morse when do u sleep you always answer ?

    What’s equity pairs
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    Find a stock in an industry that you expect to increase in value vs a correlated stock you expect to do poorly. And example would be to trade NIO vs Tesla or BA vs GS or RUT vs DOW etc. By being long/short it removes market risk and targets your opinion on a particular stock or industry versus another one. My examples around them and I do not prefer the first name over the second.

    What is sleep? Must be one of those human requirements and i’m an AI bot.
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    I also needed a low maintenance strategy. I've been consistently profitable (m-o-m) trading vertical debit spreads and condors with about a month til expiration. Once I'm in the trades, I just check them daily.
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    I never liked that condor the premium are very little I prefer the butterflies and they are easier to manage and adjust my question is if let’s say I’m not on the screen seeing a big move will I be able to adjust as well at the time not meaning if the nRkets crash then I’m for sure wiped out