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  1. Global Fx Remote Group, LLC, a NYC based proprietary CURRENCY day trading firm looking to hire traders to train and trade firm capital. Online Day trading the Spot FX market is growing 200% a year, get in on the ground floor. This is not a salary position, traders get a percentage of profits with no cap! Traders at our NYC facility get Bloomberg, bank research, live indices, charts, trading strategies, market meetings and experienced traders to help learn and trade the 24 hour a day currency market. Traders looking to trade REMOTELY or not from our office in NYC MUST go through our MATCHED FUNDING PROGRAM. Currently Global FX Remote Group, LLC is the only currency trading firm that offers matched funding. Experienced currency or equity traders looking for a professional office to trade from are welcome to email us for information about leasing a spot on a professional trading desk. Traders that trade firm capital are not responsible for losses in their firm account.
    Weekly interview/seminars, Thursdays at our office, 7pm to 9pm. College grads looking for a career in trading welcome to apply.
    Email cover letter detailing why you wish to pursue a career in FX trading and resume to seminars@globalfxllc.com. Visit our web site at www.globalfxllc.com to see a list of our programs.
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    You new name is "The SPAM King of ET".
    Have you opened one new account yet?
  3. MkFx


    I spoke to these guys . I think they are very intelligent and knowledgeable people.
    Going there this Thursday , want to see their set up.
    I'm not loosing anythig . The more you know about this market the further you will be.
    I'll give them a shot , let you guys know how it goes.
  4. You seem to be the straight man for Global's postings.

    Do you sit next to him or what?
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    No not yet
  6. MkFx


    I just got in to this market so I'm trying to get as much info as I can get
  7. someone either had an error or had a order MOC

    and had to pay up at the last minute in EUR FX futures
    high spiked up to 121.78

    cash prices seem not to have budged much
    though .. I calculate the spot - june futures spread
    around 12 pips or so
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    Seth ,
    I saw that spike!
    My system alerted me on that.
    Is the ECM the most liquid EURO/US futures contract I assume?
    I am just getting my feet wet on this one.


  9. MkFx


    Can you guys tell me what is ECM
  10. The seminar goes over the growth rate of the online Currency industry, what moves the market, Global FX trading programs, some of our trading strategies and a software demonstration.
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