Weekly Futures Charts

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by tlojek, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. tlojek


    I am looking for the weekly future charts of SP500, Nasdaq100, Dax, Bund, Euro-Dollar Crossrate and Gold as Candlestick Charts.

    Does anyone know a good webside with high quality charts?
  2. Click on the futures charts link on the left then then the java charts link then launch button.

    Then change to candle (price tab at top), weekly, etc.
  3. tlojek


    Great, great tool. I haven´t know the side and will do some work on it. Thank you very much...

    But I am looking for a version that I can load down as JPEG or Bitmap to edit it for my own.
    I have used another side before, but they kicked of the historical data of the weekly charts - so I can use them anymore.

    Can anyone help me with a good side? (Best black & white candles... green and red... well, not my style).