Weekend Wealth Transfer

Discussion in 'Trading' started by AMT4SWA, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. .....just another PLANNED weekend wealth transfer as part of the "2008 Globalist (wealth transfer) Games".....don't you just love it!

    Smashing additional financial assets down to low wholesale levels to come in later and pick up the debris on the cheap.....do you maybe need a couple more weekends of this game to finally get it? :eek:

    So how many LONG players are drinking Pepto tonight? Like I have been saying....stay SHORT and stay OFTEN!
  2. Completely agree... except for the traders who are short MER at around $15 or so and it opens up at $29 with the BAC buyout... bit of a long squeeze wedgie there for a few Hedgies... :eek:
  3. Well there will always be a few trick plays in every game....LOL! :D
  4. dealer


    When did MER trade at $15?
  5. you are correct... I meant caught short around the $17 close on Friday... either way... bit of a pop not expected by a few large and short Hedgies...
  6. BTW, saw a great intelligent movie today....showed extremely well the confusion of certain beliefs/actions in our current world.



    .....and as I type, LEH files for a BK....too funny! :eek: