weekend trading, ecn and metatrader questions

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    what is the deal with weekend trading, does it exist? the brokers i have talked to say it closes friday, and opens sunday, i assume it works somewhat like AHT (after hours trading) on the stock market. If so, what broker will allow me to do this. I am an investment junkie and want to be able to trade truly 24/7, even though I am very new to it hehe. I have done well on forex tester, which I have been practicing on.
    In choosing a broker, I would like to go with an ECN, as I hear that is the way to go, feel free to give me input on NDD and MM types as well. when the ecn fee is $5 per 100k is that in real money you trade, or the leveraged margin you are trading. I am looking at efx group in this regard.
    I would like to use a system like metatrader 4 which I can learn to program in the future. are there any ecn brokers that offer this? alpari is the metatrader broker I am considering, comments? and are they an MM, NDD or ECN?
  2. Some brokers allow you to trade 24/7, but the FX market is really a 24/5 market. If you can trade on the weekend, the rate will be flat mostly (no volume really).

    If you are in the US, you can trade sunday afternoon / evening, because the market opens in New Zealand for monday trading around that time (that is probably what you are referring to in your post). Most brokers open in time for the New Zealand open.
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    stop dreaming. There is no weekend market. Whoever is offering this to you is bucketing your trade.
  4. market makers are bucketing your trade in afterhours and regular hours.

    yes, there are newbies who actually think the bids and ask are real bids in after hours and weekends in the fx.

    that is why i think wall street is 'sleazy' they are always look for a new sucker to be born.

    stop dreaming. There is no weekend market. Whoever is offering this to you is bucketing your trade
  5. I think you're looking for something like this

    Anyway there's nothing wrong with 24/7 bucketshops, it's very useful to be able to adjust/enter trades over the weekend especially when something geopolitical happens, saves having to risk a big gap on Sunday night!