weekend forex quotes

Discussion in 'Forex' started by aestreux, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. aestreux


    does anyone know of a source for weekend forex quotes? i know trading is light- but there is trading going on?

    i'm particularly interested in quotes between the times from friday 2pm - sunday 12pm PST.

  2. gwac


    There is no fx market on the weekends, it is another way for
    oanda to make money. Every once and awhile someone
    punishes them for their stupidity in having quotes.

  3. Agree. I remember one time taking advantage of that on a Sunday afternoon by shorting the hell out of the Yen.
  4. Ivansky! I knew you probably made at least ONE trade in your life! :D

    So, do you remember how it turned out for ya? Or, was it too long ago?

    Were you still in Poland then?

  5. sccz97


    that must make it at least one more live trade than you then