Weeeee look at oil go, poor stock market

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  1. Hold on I bet the fed has to raise rates to tank the economy, 80 oil right around the corner. Exit stocks now, the market are not ready for what is about to unfold, and for heavens sakes dont listen to the financial news. Just watch your charts thats all it takes.
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    Dude, it's just a dip! :p
  3. buy the dip and never lose period
  4. What is Obvious..... is obviously Wrong.
  5. I am so up today, but I have to be careful here. :cool:


    I'm thinking of ADM an FCX. But they're not oil related.

    My lack of diversity is my saving grace, for now.
  6. yeah just like the 7 month vertical run from july-feb. it was obvious we'd sky and we did right. so when a few bears says we will drop all shout hey everyone bearish so we'll run. bulls need a good 2000 pt drop to bring them back to reality
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    Whoever was calling for a reversal on VLO yesterday pissed me off...was going to post to him that a $1 trading range isn't a reversal but I figured I'd have about 2 nice words to say and the rest would be expletives. Wish I had held it longer but impatience rules my day. :p
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    they are going to cut rates....aren't they???
    :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
  9. VLO shows no sign of weakness whatsoever.
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    I know it doesn't..I had $65 and $70 June calls that I sold for some profit...feel like an idiot...luckily I'm setting up to make money in the housing crisis it seems.

    cheers bro
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