weeds in grass

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  1. anyone has the problem of weeds in grass psychology.

    when lawns get weeds, someone chooses to replace the whole lawn with new grass. or someone call weed control company to treat weeds.

    most people choose the second one.

    in trading, often we get good trades and bad trades. for example you have two trades, one is performing well; another is performing not well. often I kill the performing well first,then kill the bad one, or kill them all. when I kill the bad one first, my subcoinious is thinking "myabe that performs well will go bad too, better act in case it becomes a real bad one".

    this morning I have two trades, one is long FB(35), another is long SPY(168.5). really shit me is when FB starts to drop(profit take), I think SPY will drop too. I killed them all. but obviously SPY should be held. theADP data is trending up.

    the worst is when I see SPY up, I started to look for other high fly to buy, subconsious is try to buy a substitute of SPY. what a bad mindset!
  2. You do not have soil that will grow grass.

    When you are finished digging the hole you are in; sell the shovel to the nearest gold miner.
  3. tiddlywinks


    When did FB become a proxy for SPY?
    FB isn't even a component of SP500! :eek: :D

    Good one Jack! :p
  4. A little of Hershey's manure should solve the problem.:D
  5. :p :p :p :D :D