Weed and trading

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    I was gonna put this in resources section but doubt that would have lasted.

    Wondering if anyone here likes or even tried to smoke a little herbal medicine before trading on like slow days just to help stay calm and chilled out. Think sometimes it would keep me from getting irritated with a slow market. When I do some research at night I like to smoke a nice L. I get all into it and want to trade, so I was wondering.
  2. I'm one of those people who becomes truly retarded if I smoke. I think the last time I did it was maybe my sophomore year in college.... All through college I had roommates who had to smoke before class....I never could and still don't understand how someone can function at all after smoking. But obviously they do, I just don't know how.

    I would think though (and I'm basing this on my own personal experience..) that it would make your reaction time slow....which could be a big problem for traders...But like I said, maybe my experience with pot is totally opposite of most people's...I just don't know, but considering that I don't like doing it and there are plenty of people that do.....??
  3. I have a beer now and then during trading hours - but mostly to prevent me from doing any more trades that day - sort of trying to keep the profits safe. It sure has some calming effect. I guess that's not as effectful as smoking weed - but I wouldn't know.
    Sometimes one should just stay outta trading - when "not in the mood". No matter of how much one smoked would change that, I guess.

    It could get a whole new perspective on risk asessment too. Some acid for discovering new patterns ... uhh. I guess that's not that much fun.

    Sometimes a sugar rush gets your brain into high gear too.
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    I was stoned in the bond pit every day for close to a decade. I'd fire up my first one hitter while turning off the alarm clock.
    My take:
    It allowed me to get in touch with my intuition. HOWEVER the downside was that on losing days when I was loaded up the wrong way I didn't panic and get out. Many times panicking is appropriate . Me, I'd just stand there thinking "no prob, this shit's gonna come back my way." Well sometimes it don't. I guess it's like this. Relaxation breeds intuition which breeds competance. BUT relaxation also can breed complacancy which breeds overconfidance which can breed mega-losses.
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    I'm thinking about smoking a bit tomorrow morning since it's gonna be low low volume.

    Trading on acid, hahaha. I would make sure simulation more is on. Sounds like fun though.

    Pabst, ever get too stoned for the bond pit? I'm sure you got some good stories.
  6. I've tried weed like 15 times. It never had an effect on me. Same with acid and alcohol. The only thing alcohol does is effect my stability, mentally I'm the same. I was able to perform complex math on all three drugs. I guess it's a good thing, kept me out of the whole drug game. I'd probably make an excellent dealer though... :D
  7. If you can recognize its a slow trading day or slow market...not suitable for your style of trading...

    Why not walk away from the computer and go do something else ?

    Set your audio price alerts on high to tell you when the price action has increased.

    Simply, if the price action is slow...its probably in some sort'uv range bound pattern...

    Set your price alerts a little outside those ranges.

    Get fancy and make your own customized audio alerts (.wav files)

    I did via recording one day my toddler's hysterical screams while the spouse was removing a piece of splinter from his hand.

    I only use that audio file for my price alerts while away from the computer (on the back porch relaxing during slow market movement)...

    I jump up without hesitation :cool:

    Odd that you didn't mention anything about what happens if you got high to stay calm during slow markets and the markets suddenly became fast paced...lots of price action...trade signals.

    The last thing you want to be is stoned or high when the action picks up to a feverous pace and you need to make very fast trading decisions with your hard earned money on the line.

    I've only met one trader that traded consistently while stoned...he lasted about a month (blew out his account)...

    Eventhough he could do well in other areas of his life while stoned (painting, chess et cetera)...

    Something about trading that requires a totally different process of quickly putting information together with the pressure of making a decision right then and there...

    Must be the hard earned money issue.

    Last thing I heard from that guy was that his broker platform made too many trade errors...

    Go figure.

  8. Weed is a different drug for different people.

    For me, it just kills my ambition, self-confidence, concentration, and makes me even more paranoid than usual. I consider myself psychologically 'allergic' to pot, and avoid it like the plauge.

    Ironically, I do hard drugs all the time with no ill effects at all.

    For relaxation, focus & concentration, I'd have to recommend my personal faves: synthetic opiates. Hydrocodone (Vicodin) is excellent, oxycontin is even better (but good luck scoring oxy's :( )
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    Exactly my experience as well. I knew people that got better grades if they got high and studied. I was likely to walk into a wall in my own place if I got high and definitely I would not remember to go to class, too much trouble, all that walking and thinking about where I was going and the clock, and having to TALK!!, just how much do they expect a person to do?? About three hits on some good stuff and I have the IQ of a house cat. Now, a few hours with some second hand smoke...... oh yeah, warm friendly fuzzy feelings and everything just looks soooo.... good.

    A new business plan is forming here.... wow, I am sitting at a table in a smoking club in Amsterdam with my laptop....

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