Wednesdays Webinar - Getting to Profit & Staying There

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    Just a quick note that Jigsaw Trading will be presenting a webinar at OnlineTraderCentral on Wednesday October 25th at 4:30pm EDT. To register for the event - click here
    In this webinar, we examine the process of getting to profitability as a trader. We take a look at the approach commonly taken by failing retail traders, and then compare that with what successful proprietary traders do.
    • Why retail traders often get nowhere despite 5, 10 or even 20 years of trying everything there is out there in the trading world
    • Why Prop Traders are Showing Their 1st Profits as Early as 3 Months
    • Re-defining Your Perception of the ‘Easy Way’
    • Goal setting – Retail vs. Prop Traders
    • True Impact of Techniques Employed
    • Separation of Behavior & Technique
    • A Measurable ‘Go Forward’ Plan
    We hope you'll all make the time to attend to learn this critical information. Find out why Jigsaw Trading has been ranked #1 Trading Software on Investimonials. To register for the event - click here
  2. Robert Morse

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    Hi Peter,

    Is your tool Broker agnostic? Tell us alittle about what it excels at?

  3. JigsawTrading

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    Hi Robert

    Right now the tools work with CQG, Rithmic and IQFeed data feeds, so all brokers that support those feeds are supported.

    It's DOM based trading, so along the lines that most futures prop firms trade. It's built for intraday futures traders and targets the specific functionality and style they employ.


  4. Robert Morse

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    Cool..thx. Most of our Future's traders use Realtick which has an API. It would be more typical for an option trader with us to choose CQG.