Wednesday Morn..Whats ahead...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gold_Ric, Oct 1, 2002.

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    Well for starters I will repost after market.

    PIXR on short Watch if that 46.50 Breaks swing

    PSFT, tricky player I look for $10..00 as support.Trades @ 12.15

    THQI further slide in its forecast off 19.00

    AFFX I watch upside playing in 20-21.5 ranges
  2. How would you rate this short?
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    I wouldnt short it yet Let it breakdown some. I prefer a structured breakdown first, it has potential to coil up off 65.7
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    See how that coill extended upside. Boom, nice long hope ya nialed
  5. Gold_Ric


    CTSH from Tuesday Post , dumped nicely 2+ points.

    AFFX nice upside move to hod of 22.00

    PIXR remains on Watch

    .......So we fit 10 lbs of sausage in the 5lb bag today on a squeeze off resistance of 838 Nq's

    Gold``> Futs near resistance push
    [12:36] <Belle> /NQZG2 838.00 +2.50 0.30% 0 12:36 Bid/Ask(838.00-838.50) Day Lo-Hi(826.00-849.50)

    Just some of the chatter. And then We pivoted upside, all history from there. One nice dumper found was ESRX, amazing to watch the big boys dump.

    [12:27] <Gold``> ESRX near support breakdown
    [12:27] <Gold``> .ESRX
    [12:27] <Belle> ESRX 51.27

    Well like today, This was not buying, this was Squeezing to upside, shorters like myself blow outta their positions and attempt longs. Great day to reverse positions.

    For the week ahead...Thursday - 8:30 - Initial claims
    10am - ISMD services and Factory order
    Friday - 8:30am - non farm payrolls

    DAYTRADE WATCH: (Am outlook)

    (upside) DELL AFFX ERTS

    (downside) ESRX QLGC I look to short on pop, ADVS

    INVESTOR/SWING: (longer based)

    I like IBM off these 60 Levels LONG

    Good luck well see.........Good Luck to all

    ...Enjoyment is not goal,
    it is a feeling that accompanies important ongoing activity.