Wedding gift for my daughter

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by infolode, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Problem solved:D
  2. Care to share the joke, by any chance?

    From the thread title and post, one could only conclude you've managed to offload a rustbucket "classic car" restoration project, as a dowry or something.

    Unless your happy, gleeful smiley suggests your very pleased your no longer responsible for an unfortunate train wreck of some sort,
    and that as far as your concerned a million toasters would be worth the price.

    Either way, congratulations on your happiness, it gets harder every year to pay dowries with actual pigs, and cats in a bag just does'nt wash these days.

    Depends how fast you run of course, but there it is.

  3. hcour

    hcour Guest

    Thank God! I could hardly sleep last nite, I was so worried about it...

  4. Yes, i too felt sleep depraved (deliberate misspelling) with pangs of conscience, such was the sincerity and heartfelt pain of the OP's desperate cry for help, regarding the betrothal of his daughter , most likely sold into slavery to a lowly chimney sweep or equivalent.

    Yes, its a sad story, to be sure;

    But us plebs can do nought to prevent such a terrible consequence, we can but raise the pig's for such noble dowries, alas.
  5. Wow thanks guys, I am deeply touched by your concern.

    You're not the typical steeley eyed financial predators that rake in vast sums of money due to intellectual prowess.

    No, you hcour and acronym are caring, compassionate individuals and I'm damn proud to be a part of this forum--Elite Trader, that does not discriminate or harass homosexuals such as yourselves.

    Elite Trader...I salute you.
  6. Gangbang?
  7. Whoa, with the nastiness, you know, totally unnecessary.

    Hey, i fail to see how its anyone's fault but your's your skanky hoe daughter got knocked up by her pimp, i mean your just being nasty, really.

    If anyone is being a little too "glee" for the occasion, its you-fortunately, i have figured out why:D

    When the in-law's saw your daughter, they figured she was worth 100 pigs,
    and waived usual dowry:D :D

    He he , sorry bout that, but too good to pass up you know.

    So, what actually is the story behind your remarkable glee, and gay frivolity over the betrothal of that millstone-around -your- neck you call your child?

    (jokes, you know, not serious like)
    :D :cool: