Websites track ARK etfs

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  1. I find out there are few websites track ARK etfs number, but look like they use different ways to make money like membership, register a brokerage account through its link etc., but none of these websites use online ads. Is that any reason? May be ARK stopped them? LOL
  2. vanzandt


    Why would someone pay?
    ARK makes public 100% of their holdings daily.
    For example here's their Genomic Revolution ETF:

    Click on the PDF for every position/weight/cost
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  3. put it in a spreadsheet?
  4. Manually do that everyday? Then why don't you visit those websites, they even show you analysis too not just data, lol
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    Pick one of the stocks and look at a chart?
    I guess I'm not sure what you would be looking for... but I do see on the website you can download the .CSV file.

    I mean this isn't my cup of tea but I imagine even I, if my life depended on it lol, could code a process to go there daily and download a particular ETF's daily .CSV file.
  6. No you can write some script to scrape the net and input it for you...or have someone to do that for you , not that hard.
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    Wonder why you care so much about it. You want to follow and copy what they do?
  8. Someone asked then just discuss