Websites that Show Individual Trader's Activities

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  1. Hello, can you please provide links to reliable and large websites which show real performance and activity of individual traders, so that other people can request to see the ongoing activity of other traders as well as show their activity to other traders? I know there are a few such large websites but I can't recall their names... Thanks.
  2. mm19


    you had 1 glass of beer too many today.

    here is to remind you = google
  3. yep

    Google search:


    But what successful trader in his right mind would want to link their live trading activity to a website that allows others to COPY their activity.

    It is one thing to post a "call" in real time on a message board, a completely other thing to link the details of a trade. The terms front running and stop hunting come to mind.

    All you will find on these type of services are Newbies and Wannabee traders.
  4. Thanks. I am familiar with eToro, but I remember that there is other large service which allows traders to publish their trades and earn income and I don't remeber its name (I think there is "2" in the name of the website). Also, eToro focuses on futures, forex and CFD and I am searching for a service that is focused on stocks. Of course I already tried google but I didn't find it. Appreciate if you can help.