websites that convert indicator code?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by pauk, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. pauk


    I would like an indicator that I have with metatrader converted into ninjatrader7 language.

    I guess I'll have to pay a website to do it for me as I cant code :(

    Any recomendations?
    I was looking at 'affordableindactors' .com.
    what would a ballpark figure be, bearing in mind that the im not asking for someone to write something from scratch?

  2. Learning to code is a good tool to have, take the time and geterdone!
  3. pauk


    I'd love too. I've tried a few times. It just goes way over my head, unfortunately.
  4. some kind soul on ET who I'd never spoken too once coded something for me for free.
    If its just converting something it should be quite easy for someone who knows how to code? ask around
  5. pauk


    Wouldn't really know who to ask.

    How long would it take someone who doesn't know a thing about programming to be able to convert an indicator from metatrader to ninjatarder7?

    Must be easier than starting from scratch, or not?
  6. You only get help on that site if you are an 'elite member' meaning that you have to pay.
    If you are gonna pay money, you may aswell just go straight to a website that'll charge you.

    Pauk, Im sure someone will do it for free - just converting code.
    Let me see if i can find the username of the complete stranger here on elitetrader who done some stuff for me.
    Ill PM you if i find it.
  7. I can recommend Ben @ affordable. Quick, correct and the right price.
  8. Gonz


    pm me abt the details and also by when u need it.
    i can do it for free as a token of goodwill and sharing.

    p.s: where r u located?
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