Website's clock is off by 64 minutes

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Pekelo, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Pekelo


    I guess the 60 minutes will be fixed in 2 weeks.... :)
  2. time test

    EDIT: yes it is 1 hour behind, I think we adjust clocks this weekend.
  3. yep noticed that too a couple days ago.
  4. "Website's clock is off by 64 minutes"

    I e-mailed Al Gore.
  5. didnt he invent the internet?

  6. Bsulli


    Thats because ET runs on a Windows server 2000 box(just RDP to it and see for yourself) and I guess they didn't bother to download the manual patches to fix the DST problem. Unlike XP, 2003 which patches could be applied using Windows update you had to do it the hard way with 2000. I've had to update several servers manually. Simple enough and I'm surprise Joe hadn't already done it.

  7. They must be right on top of virus protection to :eek:
  8. Pekelo



    Edit: clock got fixed...
  9. sim03


    No, the clock is wrong once again. It's 1 hour ahead of the correct time.

    DST has just ended in the US, but not on ET...
  10. sim03


    Correct now.
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