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  1. I would also like to know if anyone bought anything...
  2. Trust, that it is a scam. They either use illegal software, or take your money and you never hear from them again. They often are in foreign countries, like Russia. And of course, since a lot of software requires a key, you will find yourself with 3 useless CDs and less money.

    And would you like to be identified as having bought illegal copies, and be charged with theft? How much of your savings do you want to use to hire a lawyer?

    These people often give extremely long lists of software in forums, or "want to trade/swap software." Then they generate a bunch of copies and sell to people like you.

    "97% off retail" ?? Give me a break.
  3. Scam... They copy or rip off all of this software and then sell it back at $100...

    The same as fenced goods...

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    "From our software reengineering to customized application development, our talented team can be counted [sic] for innovation [sic] solutions to provide individual traders the affordable trading software they want."

    About Us:

    "Who're we?

    We are software guts specialists: experienced surgeons and re-animators. Neurologists and almighty pathologists.

    If you have an unusual task to perform, interesting problem to solve or just want to have some coding made <font color=red>or removed</font> by pro's, then feel free to contact us.

    Who's T.J.?

    TJ is our trading guru (<font color=red>not pictured here</font>). TJ is a first generation daytrader started out in daytrading shops back in the mid '90s. If you have any question on trading or software he is the guy to ask."

    The Gang

    Yep, sounds perfectly legit, above board to me. What a lovely, inspirational pic... too bad TJ couldn't make it that day and be with the gang.

    If you must steal software, do it yourself, off bittorrent or p2p.
  5. It's a scam- I've heard about it through others and hence have never visited it.
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    I bought a couple of items from them. No problem thus far. They are located in Calif. and have a partner in FL.
  7. Nice of your first post, defending scam organizations. People don't sell trading software at 97% off legitimately, unless they run off a bunch of copies illegally.

    This post can be ignored.
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    Of course their stuff is pirated. I didn't say it was legitimate. I'm just saying I placed an order and received what I ordered.
  9. nice to know where you stand
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