Website with the real-time news pertaining to gold and USD prices

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  1. rvsw


    Are there any websites that will give real-time (or close to real time) news pertaining to gold price.
    I have looked at but it is too generic and even though I track the Fed announcements, I miss the EU announcement sometimes because of the influx of other news about individual companies. I have also looked at gold specific websites like but they do not give real-time information as far as I have seen.

    Since gold and USD dollar are intertwined, any website that will give real-time news and a summary of forthcoming events that may influence the prices will be useful.

    Thank you for any inputs
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  3. ZBZB

    ZBZB xenith is a rebadged Reuter’s eikon terminal for $99 a month.
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  4. pipeguy


    What about tradingview? And do you need futures prices too or only spot price of gold?
  5. bone

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    This depends entirely upon what you expect for "free". Will you be able to beat other day traders in the precious metals markets with "free"? No way. The LME drives the market. And LME traders don't use "free" metals news feeds. They're mostly commercials and dealers - and they're very well informed.

    I've been able to receive as a courtesy some of the reports from various Metals Commodity Funds on occasion - and their research baselines and supply versus demand breakdowns are truly extraordinary. They know mine outputs, physical inventories, certified repository inventory available for good delivery into both Comex and LME futures contracts, industrial demand, Central Bank activity... and on and on. In fact, I don't know where you'd find that level of information and analysis for "free" - not close.
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    Well nice jab directed at "technical analysts" chin :)
  7. bone

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    I didn’t intend that post to be a jab at TA - more a reality check on what quality to expect for free in terms of timely, actionable and useful information.

    Make ONE bad trade with a live account and “free” becomes very expensive :banghead:
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  8. Dizaj


    I think that there are few really good websites where you can follow important news and economic releases also with comments from brokers and all for free. Still, you would need to focus on important news for your currency pair, as usually all news are updated as they are released