Website that shows % of float shorted, borrowing yield and yield history

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by adamovicm, May 27, 2021.

  1. I've seen months ago a simple website that showed for each stock the % of float shorted, the number of shares, the current borrowing yield and the yield history.

    I tried to find that website, but couldn't find it. Any idea which websites could it be?
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  3. Hi Nobert, it wasn't that one, but thanks for the link, this one is good. I'd prefer that one I have seen before, but I cannot find it yet... again...
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    Maybe Finviz?
  5. It wasn't Finviz, this one looked simple and was specialized for Shorted Stocks. I did a query "shorted stocks website" again and I've found on page 10..

    I think it was this one, but it doesn't look maintained well at all...
  6. It will be very difficult to find that particular website now. You should have saved the link. If you know the date around which you have opened the website, then you might find it in your history. Till then you can try kiplinger or nasdaq’s websites. I hope it helps.
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    Malwarebytes flags that website.
    FF does too.

  8. Yeah, as I said, I might have used that one, but it is not maintained at all any longer.
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    ph1l is using https with an invalid certificate.
    It should be safe to browse, but not necessarily safe for entering personal information.
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    I want to create same website. I want to use vbulletin board +Namecheap Security certificate. An SSL certificate is a bit of code on your web server that provides security for online communications. When a web browser contacts your secured website, the SSL certificate enables an encrypted connection. Very important tool for website owners.
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