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  1. Does anyone know the URL of the website that offered free real time news for traders? Thank you in advance.
  2. zanek


    Best one I know of is:

    I just leave it up in a tab in my browser and hear free news continuously updated 24/7. You can also choose to only hear financial or world news if you want.

    You're welcome.
  3. another one is .
  4. LEAPup


    Are you using Pro, or using the 2minute delay? I'm wondering what the pro version costs. They don't list it on their site.
  5. TsunTzu


    First Call Market Squawk have their fingers on the pulse more and don't charge you for different channels (ie fx, metals, bonds, equities) unlike some.
  6. here's some market moving news from Bloomberg.

  7. as678


    I like this feed on the left side of the page. It updates every minute and takes articles from Bloomberg, WSJ among other reputable sources.